As you know, Cheer is an incredibly team-oriented sport, and competition season is upon us. If one person from a team is absent, it can mean a wasted practice for 3-4 other members of the group and disruption to the entire team.
Many gyms allow only 3-4 absences from practice over the course of the entire year’s commitment.  This is not how we want to operate at All 4.  Over the summer absences have not been counted and we hope this flexibility has ensured everyone had a great summer and they are ready to focus on their team and putting in the hard work it takes to have an amazing season!  That said, given we allowed so much flexibility, it is now time to ensure that everyone is at every practice.
Attendance at every practice is now mandatory!
What does this mean in practice?  Simply put, no matter what, we need you at practice.  Any unexcused absence or tardy, can hurt your team, and your roll on the team, up to and including being placed as an alternate or moving to another team.

How can I avoid hurting my team/ role on my team?
  • Illness, you will still come to practice whenever possible.  Watching practice at this time of year is critically important even when ill.  We will start to make changes to routines, and we need you there so you can keep up.
  • Wear a mask if needed.  We will have you focused on stunting, and marking routine (no tumbling if you are not well enough).
  • If doctors order you to not stunt, please email us the doctors note immediately on receipt.  You will still watch routine for changes, and support your team.
  • If you have an emergency medical event and are seeking medical care during your schedule practice you must call Britnee immediately. 
  • Never communicate any absence in team chat- communications go straight to the gym.
  • School event related to a grade or mandatory sporting event will be submitted a minimum of 1 week ahead of time. 
  • Other meaningful absences can be considered excused (serious illness/ other significant events).  You will need to make a request as soon as you know, sent directly to Britnee for consideration for excused abscence.
  • We offer more flexibilty for our Fundamentals and Novice teams.  Call Britnee for advice as needed.

How can I reach Britnee:
For absences with advance notice, you will email her at coachbritnee@all4gymtexas.com, for last minute emergencies you will call her at 425-283-3843.
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