Keeping your child safe is always our top priority. As members of the All Star Cheer community we are members of USASF (United States All Star Federation). USASF is charged with ensuring the rules and regulations are in place to keep All Star Cheer safe in all ways are in place. As part of this mandate USASF has implemented new rules related to preventing sexual abuse. All 4 has adopted these updated rules as our own this year and this process requires your help and participation. 

The most visible change is that coaches are no longer permitted to have direct ties with athletes via social media. All 4 has always required that our coaches ensure all communication and social media content is appropriate – these new rules take things a step further. Any communication with your athlete will always be in an open forum (group chat) or include a Director/Owner. Coaches social media sites will be private and any social media interaction will be via gym/team wide vehicles. 

Every family/ parent is required sign off that they have watched the following video and is aware of our policies outlined above related to social media.
All parents should watch this short video (less than 10 minutes):
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